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            In the Spring of 2021, I was fortunate to be one of recipients of RPS Enterprise Fund Award which allowed me to develop completely new set of skills, much needed to be able to work in post pandemic music industry.


            Pandemic changed our lives, regardless of our profession. Those in art sector were especially impacted by it. It changed my live as well and it made me realize how important it would be to get a deeper knowledge of producing audio-visuals to get to our audience quicker and to be more attractive to composers, festivals, and other potential collaborators.


Thanks to RPS Enterprise Fund I was able to learn basics of video post-production, lighting set up, some of recording techniques. This award also encouraged me even more towards working on my sound engineering knowledge.

            As we all know, recording decent audio-video materials and post-production of it could be very expensive and extremely difficult to organize logistically.  I always wanted to explore this sector and be more self-efficient on that field.


            I have used the funds to purchase Final Cut Pro software and I took course on editing techniques, shortcuts, and other possibilities of this software. Later I have purchased extremely versatile Sony camera together with set of LED Neewer lights. Having the needed equipment, I have signed up for amazing online course on mirrorless shooting techniques by Igor Podgorski. All of that opened completely new possibilities for me of self-promotion and later it has opened new field in my career of producing music videos for other.


Below are two videos I have recorded and edited by myself, using the skills I have gained through this amazing award. I was commissioned to produce music videos to new compositions of Jerzy Madrawski. Now I am working on music videos promoting my new album.



Thanks to this entire experience I have learned that musician nowadays need to be flexible and be able to multitask. That knowledge will stay with me for the rest of my career. I would advise any of my colleagues to explore and be open to take a matter in your own hands. If you can perform music on such a high level after thousands of hours of practice you are certainly able to learn basic of audio recording and video editing techniques. Just believe in yourself and invest in yourself!   

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